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Kayseri Airport Transfers

Kayseri Kayseri Airport Transfers

Book airport transfers, private taxis and airport shuttles that best suit your needs in Kayseri Airport. Affordable prices, comfortable vehicles, reliable drivers.

Kayseri Airport Airport Transfers | Kayseri Airport Hotel Transfer & Airport Shuttles

Reliable Airport Taxi Service

I've used Jettransfer 3 times now (pick up from Antalya, Dalaman and Istanbul) and am more than happy with their service. I booked and paid for the taxi transfer from their website, They're welcomes to us at the airport with a nameboard, our names on it. They're doing this job truely good! I special thanks to customer service team and the taxi driver who have welcomes us. He has always been very personable and friendly. When you need a taxi to and from an airport you need to reserve a private transfers. There are situations where you don't know who to trust. I can honestly say Jettransfer ticks this box.

Maria Copus

Prompt, Reliable and Recommended

We just used Jettransfer in Cyprus and Turkey for our round trip airport transfer. The driver who met us at the airport was in the exact place as described in the email confirmation and was holding a sign with our name printed on it. He helped load our luggage and safely delivered us to the hotel. Our departure from Alanya was very early in the morning and the driver arrived at exactly the specified time, assisted us with our luggage. We've always paid transfer cost in advance, although this worries us a bit but everything worked perfectly. I would recommend Jettransfer without hesitation based on my experience.

Christopher Allison

Jettransfer most cheapest and best with Airport Transfers

I used Jettransfer for my trip in Nicosia. I was extremely pleased with the service. They were on time. They had a welcome board with my name printed on it, I found him so easy. On the way back the driver arrived 10mins before my pick up time. You also get a message 24 hrs before pickup to give you peace of mind. The drivers were very helpful. The driver took me round to the few shops that were open at about 12 o'clock midnight. He didn't have to do that at all & went completely out of his way to help. They have a 24hr helpline. They were the cheapest I could find for my transfers on the Internet. I honestly can't fault them. I would definitely recommend them and will be using them time and again in the future. Thanks for your excellent services.

Charles Darlyy

Brilliant airport transfer for Manavgat/Side

I was looking for a reasonable airport transfer to Manavgat / Side and I met Jettransfer through on Google. Since I was traveling with a 20-month-old baby, I needed a car seat, so I went with a private transfer, so I simplified the trip. The booking process was easy online and I even received a confirmation text and a reminder the day before. Upon arriving in Antalya, the driver was already waiting for us. It was easy to find where they were waiting and my name is as shown on a nameplate. The vehicle was a mini bus but we had everything for us, so it was very spacious. The baby seat, although a bit worn, was safe and secure. All seats also had seat belts. I would definitely recommend Jettransfer if you go to Turkey. I will use them again on our next vacation.

Mark Axon

Kayseri Airport Transfer, Kayseri Airport Taxi, Kayseri Airport Shuttle Services and other ways to get from Kayseri Airport

Kayseri Airport is a single terminal airport which was opened in 1998 to operate both domestic and international flights. The international terminal building builded in 2007, It was separated from the domestic terminal. Kayseri Airport has an annual capacity of 2.5 million passengers.

How you can get to Cappadocia, Urgup, Goreme or other points?

The journey between Kayseri Airport and Cappadocia takes approximately 1 hour and the highway distance is 73 km.

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Kayseri Private Airport Transfers vs. Commercial Kayseri Airport Taxis (Yellow cabs)

What are the advantages of private transfer?

Your vehicle awaits you at the airport exit. After you pick up your luggage, you will see a vehicle waiting at the airport exit gate. Our drivers will keep a nameplate. Get in the car and enjoy the ride.

Night and Day tariffs are both same. You may need to travel at any time of the day. For the same distance, do not pay more if your trip coincides with the night schedule.

Kayseri Private Airport Transfers vs. Kayseri Public Buses (Public Transportation)

What are the advantages of private transfer?

We have enough space for your luggage. There is no extra space for luggage on public transport buses. You should keep your luggage in the main cabin where you are traveling. In private transfers, you have an additional space for your luggage.

You do not need to look a bus stop and you don't wait. You don't have to bother to make your trip. We thought and organized everything for you. Experience more faster and more comfortable travel now.

Be the first to get your destination. If you are traveling by public transport, you have to consider that you will arrive at the destination 3 times later than normal. Who wants to be late for a amazing vacation? Then let us create a private transfer reservation for you.

What are the disadvantages of private transfer?

A bit more expensive. Traveling with a private car will cost you a little more than public transport.

Kayseri Private Airport Transfers vs. Kayseri Airport Shuttles (Shared Transfers)

What are the advantages of private transfer?

24/7 interactive service. Kayseri Airport Shuttle services are mostly gives service on predetermined hours and routes. We provide uninterrupted service.

We are always ready to go. Kayseri Airport Shuttle services are allowed for departure at certain times. You should wait for the departure time of the airport shuttle buses. Under no circumstances will you wait for the service you book with us.

We have customizable routes. Unfortunately, with Kayseri Airport Shuttle buses, it is almost difficult to get to your destination easily. Airport shuttle buses stop at a lot of hotels and holiday villages, unload the passengers to many destination. Therefore you will arrive later.

What are the disadvantages of private transfer?

A little bit more expensive. Traveling by private vehicles may be a bit more expensive than airport shuttles, but this may vary depending on the number of people.

How does the services works?


Choose your route and select a car

Choose your route from the search section and choose the transfer vehicle that best suits your needs.


Complete the booking form

Fill in the required fields on the booking form and select the appropriate payment method.


Your driver will meet you at the airport.

Your driver and the car you indicated will meet you at the airport with a welcome sign.